For Physicians

Thank you for showing interest in Memorial Same Day Surgery Centers. We are a leading outpatient surgical facility accredited by JCAHO, and we support safe, quality patient care by using a collaborative team approach between the patient, the patient’s family, physicians and staff. Our patient satisfaction rate is over 97%, exemplifying our commitment to customer service.

Why Schedule with Us?

  • We offer secured block time for our physicians. This allows you to schedule as many patients during your block time without being bumped from your schedule
  • Our office staff is 100% committed to ensuring that your entire experience with us is coordinated and effortless. We have the same office staff for you to consistently work with
  • We accept most major health insurance plans. Click here to see a full list of insurances accepted
  • Patients with deductible and copays can save at least 40% versus going to a hospital
  • ASCs also have a lower infection rate compared to hospitals

New Technology
We are proud to announce the World's first 4K Ultrasound High-Definition Endoscopic Camera System has arrived at Memorial Same Day Surgery Centers. Click here for an informative video and to read more information.

When you join the team at Memorial Same Day Surgery Centers, you will also automatically become part of our marketing programs. You receive:

  • Your own customized physician profile page on our center website
  • Partnership with our three national awareness programs:
  • Benefit from our digital strategy initiatives
  • Various condition collateral materials
  • Speaking engagement events opportunity
  • Patient satisfaction email survey program

Our typical surgery center partnership is operated under a consensus management model, with the center's Operating Board comprised of equal representation by the physician partners and AMSURG.

We are the Gold Standard of Surgery Center Partners
You have a choice in surgery center partners. Physicians at more than 245 surgery centers have chosen AMSURG as their business partner. Ninety-eight percent of our partner physicians are satisfied with their facility.

Our commitment to our physician partners is the cornerstone of our company's growth and success. Surgery centers only succeed when physicians succeed. That is why our priorities are:

  • Provide an environment that allows our physician partners to continue to improve, adapt and grow
  • Assist in the care of your patients, and to support your practice
  • Position ASCs to not only survive, but thrive in this era of health care reform, accountable care and transparency

Contact James Seymour at 954-962-3210 or click here to request more information.