Shockwave Therapy: Elbow and Heel

Shockwave therapy uses strong sound waves to induce “microtrauma” to tissues to relieve heel pain caused by plantar faciitis or elbow pain caused by tendinopathy, also called tennis elbow. The microtrauma initiates a healing response in the body.

What to expect

The patient will be given local anesthesia and then recline, either on a chair or bed while the doctor administers the shockwaves externally onto the inflamed area. The area to be treated will be resting on a machine on a soft, water-filled membrane. Ultrasound will be used to view the damaged location. Thousands of shockwaves are sent into the heel or elbow. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, and afterward the patient is free to go home.

How to prepare

No preparation is necessary for this non-invasive procedure.